A Network of Support

“It takes a village to raise a child” – proverbial wisdom that resonates powerfully with our team at The Child Is Innocent. The success of our programming relies upon the relative strength of the bonds we create within the student and broader stakeholder community. We work to cultivate a network of people upon which each student can call when the going gets tough – as it inevitably does at some point or another during adolescence! – whether that takes the form of their peers or our staff on the ground. But amidst all these players, the family support system reliably surfaces as a particularly essential part of ensuring the success of our kids.


Accordingly, the team at TCII works to meet with each of our sponsored students and their guardians during the holiday breaks between the three school terms. Making time for each of these meetings is, as one might imagine, no small task! But we believe the investment of our families in their children’s academic journey to be of highest priority – and a crucial part of ensuring the students are best positioned to become the emerging leaders of tomorrow. From celebrating the strengths and successes of the term to identifying opportunities for growth, these check-ins ensure greater accountability and acknowledgment of each student’s particularly needs and strengths.


We owe a great deal to the team on the ground that facilitates these conversations each break – thanks for your immense efforts!

Peace & Grandma
Peace and her grandmother meet with the TCII team during a 2015 holiday break.

Our New Look

Notice any subtle changes? We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our updated website! In addition to other new features, we now have a blog through which we can stay in better touch with you all and keep you posted on exciting new developments as they arise.


See any glitches or simply want to send through a note expressing how excited you are all about this? Terrific. You can reach us on our contact page.


Stay tuned for more soon.

Boston Happy Hour: Success!

The TCII-US team, made up exclusively of volunteers, is scattered across the States (and beyond). So It’s a real treat whenever we’re able to come together to celebrate our growing community and bring friends, new and old, into the fold. We were thrilled to host our October Happy Hour at Copperfield’s Bar in Boston, MA.


With over 75 people in attendance, homemade Mexican food, and good music, the night was a lot of fun and a huge success by any standard. Thanks to all who made it out for the evening or donated from afar – your contributions are appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you again the next time around!


Interested in finding out about the next Boston-area event? Drop us a line!


TCII Boston Happy Hour

Leadership Training: Residential

Our latest Leadership Training, spearheaded by the US team in conjunction with the Ugandan branch, was a huge success! While our annual TCII-wide training has been in operation for many years, 2014 marked the first time the weeklong training had a residential component for the 70 students who attended. This element provides even more time and space for the group to engage in some fundamental community-building efforts, and we look forward to continuing this practice moving forward.


Leadership Training 2014 7


The week included discussions and hands-on activities focused on effective leadership, communication styles, career development, and teamwork. The students loved spending the week with their peers and were so enthusiastic to learn and interact with each other and the TCII graduate facilitators who joined to help lead small group discussions using the skills they’d acquired in years with the program.


Leadership Training 2014 5


The US team left Uganda more impressed and energized by the caliber of the community than ever before; updated student photos and letters are on their way!


Leadership Training 2014 6

Leadership Training 2014 9 Leadership Training 2014 8Leadership Training 2014 4Leadership Training 2014 1