A Network of Support

“It takes a village to raise a child” – proverbial wisdom that resonates powerfully with our team at The Child Is Innocent. The success of our programming relies upon the relative strength of the bonds we create within the student and broader stakeholder community. We work to cultivate a network of people upon which each student can call when the going gets tough – as it inevitably does at some point or another during adolescence! – whether that takes the form of their peers or our staff on the ground. But amidst all these players, the family support system reliably surfaces as a particularly essential part of ensuring the success of our kids.


Accordingly, the team at TCII works to meet with each of our sponsored students and their guardians during the holiday breaks between the three school terms. Making time for each of these meetings is, as one might imagine, no small task! But we believe the investment of our families in their children’s academic journey to be of highest priority – and a crucial part of ensuring the students are best positioned to become the emerging leaders of tomorrow. From celebrating the strengths and successes of the term to identifying opportunities for growth, these check-ins ensure greater accountability and acknowledgment of each student’s particularly needs and strengths.


We owe a great deal to the team on the ground that facilitates these conversations each break – thanks for your immense efforts!

Peace & Grandma
Peace and her grandmother meet with the TCII team during a 2015 holiday break.